Encom Analytics

a B2B SaaS solution for your business, automating and optimizing increased exposure and decreased ad spend for optimal results.

Built exclusively for your Business

Our Engineers will hold consultation calls and be readily available to dicuss and develop new strategies.

1. Understand the Market

We have a series of software solutions that we can implement to your business to find the perfect market to target to ensure a higher conversion rate.

2. Application

After understanding the decisive market to be targeted we will help apply targeted campaigns that will reach your customers sooner.

3. Retention

Once campaigns have ran there will be more clientle familiar with your products, and it us up to the business to close the return customers.

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Beyond Belief Growth

Say hello to Automation

Encom offers automated solutions for Businesses that need help growing their website clicks and impressions. Our automated solutions will help your business social media accounts gain followers and traction by interacting online 24/7 7 days a week without the business owner having to lift a finger.

  • Premium statistics
  • Automated Interactions
  • 24/7 Impressions
  • Solution Built by Encom
  • Always up to date
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"Encom ran their automated solutions on my social media, and I gained intial traction higher than I expected".
— Anastasia Dan - Miracle Brand

Our 3 tier system, to help your business TRIUMPH.

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Decide what tier suits your business best.

. Intial Buisness Discovery Consultation

For clients looking for a personal service to help new business owners define their industry. Our experienced software engineers and business professionals will provide guidance on the market to be targeted.

. Automated Business Solutions

Encom will apply their proprietary automated software solutions to increase brand awareness, impressions, and website clicks.

. Targeted Marketing Ad Solutions

Encom holds optimal and efficient targeted marketing strategies that will help your business decrease ad spend and increase conversion rates. Our solution puts your products in front of people who already want it.

Plans & Pricing

Get the Encom plan that fits your needs.

Better insights for growing businesses that want more customers.
Features include:
  • Consultation calls about your industry
  • Data analysis on Competitors
Most Popular
Automation Services
Automating your businesses outreach.
Features include:
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Apply Automation Software
  • Highlight cookies and tags for Industry
  • Facebook and Instagram Consultation
Targeted Ad Campaigns
Decisive customer targeting campaigns based on industry.
Features include:
  • Data analytics on Competitors Clients
  • Targeted Outreach Initiatives
  • Optimazation of Current Campaigns
  • Pinpoint Audiences based on Cookies and Tags
  • Search Engine Optimzation Implementation
  • 24/7 Support with Encom Engineers & Business Professionals